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This Year’s Design.  Yes, its different from the first one.

To put your name on the Kit, register for the conference before Jan 4, 2019.

MTMS2019 is a celebration of the 40 years the Major Taylor Cycling Club of Columbus Ohio has been riding together. For as long as some of the founding members can remember, a spring trip somewhere challenging has been on the calendar.

The Major Taylor Club of Columbus Ohio (MTCC) wants to mark this event with an extraordinary effort. As a tribute to the sense of camaraderie that lives as the spirit of this annual event, we have taken the step of creating a jersey with the names of those attending. This years kit is all about the names. We altered the artwork to allow for a clear view of the names while opening a space for more. MTCC wants to recognize your participation and offer our appreciation to every one of you that ride in the name of The Major. Well done, and thank you.

The MTMS 2019 Kit is a marker. We are marking this point in the history of the MTCC by recognizing all those who want to come to ride with us on our 40th year as a club.

So if you register before January 4, 2019, your name and club affiliation will appear on this year’s Major Taylor Mountain Summit Jersey. They’ll be placed next to those who attended previous summits.

Just remember the cut off date of January 4, 2019. If you register past that date, your name cannot be placed on this historical marker.

Use the Browse by category drop down to find MTCC Custom Kit.

Then, access the shop using the password mtms2019nalini.

How is it Different for the last one?

Many folks told us we needed to make the names more prominent on the kit. So we did. We added space to the back for names on the short and long sleeve jerseys.

We also added new items into the mix. We have socks (with enough color on them to go with almost any cycling kit!), a vest and will be adding tights, shoe covers, and a winter hat.

Now, about those names: A close examination of the kit jersey will show how the names will be represented – whatever name is submitted in the registration form along with a club affiliation.

We are constructing the art based on the names we receive up until Jan 1, 2019.  They will be placed in order of registration.  (Don’t worry, Gabby was the first to register so that spot is taken)

Enjoy and wear with pride!

Kit and Purchase Information

Information on the manufacturer, NaliniCustom is found here.

We have purchased the Red Label line

Also, its important to pay attention to the sizing charts – remember, all orders are custom and as such, cannot be returned.

A sizing chart (in inches) can be found here.  For perspective, Robert Bradley from the Columbus Majors wears a XL in the thermal Jacket, while this author wears a XXL and fit into a 44 suit coat.

The kits are available HERE.  Use the Browse by category drop down to find MTC Custom Kit.  Then, access the shop using the password mtms2019nalini

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